Valparna ger er trivärldens schäf(er)

This month in our Down with Puppy series, Puppy TS proudly presents one of the most influential persons in the triathlon world: Joe Friel! As many of our blog followers know, Joe is an expert endurance coach and the author of several books in the subject; "The Triathlete's Training Bible", "The Cyclist's Training Bible", and Valpen's latest nightly passion "Going Long: Training for Ironman-Distance Triathlons". As well as Puppy TS, Joe has a well-known and greatly appreciated blog and you can follow him (and us) on twitter. As Puppy probably has an average of 5+ years/member of university studies, one of our mottos is of course "knowledge is power", and Joe is probably the person who has contributed most in our search for enlightenment. Therefore, he naturally takes a slot amidst the highly desired Puppy-protectors!

Joe Friel

Name: Year of birth: 1943 Lives: Scottsdale, Arizona (winter), Boulder, Colorado (summer) Club: None Workout hours/week: 10-15

Quickies: 1) IM Arizona or IM Hawaii? Both 2) LA or New York? LA 3) Kelly Clarkson or Johnny Cash? Cash 4) Favorite Joel Friel quote? "You can call me ‘Joe.’ “ 5) Dislike? Getting hit by cars. 6) Sweden or Norway? I’m 1/4th Norwegian. 7) Cold or warm? Warm. 8) Wine or water? Water. 9) Bush or Obama? Obama. 10) Puppy TS or SPIF? Puppy TS

Not so quick ones:

What are your personal goals with your training at the moment? Win Colorado State Road and TT championships.

At least four of the members in Puppy TS will (if nothing goes wrong) compete in their first IM in 2010, what are the three most important advice you can give us? Have a plan. Plan to finish. Stick with plan.

Imagine running a distance training session, you've kept your planned marathon pace so far, and when 7k are left you still have quite a bit of strength left in the legs (since you have trained hard with Puppy), would you keep your racing pace or push yourself and increase it? Increase.